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MARCH 18, 2012

Researchers boost potency, reduce side effects of IL-2 protein used to treat cancer- The utility of a naturally occurring protein given, sometimes to great effect, as a drug to treat advanced cancers is limited by the severe side effects it sometimes causes. But a Stanford University School of Medicine scientist has generated a mutant version of the protein whose modified shape renders it substantially more potent than the natural protein while reducing its toxicity.
Chris Garcia

AUGUST 24, 2011

Brian Kobilka, solving the  structure and workings of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).  Read full story:  Nature 476, 387-390 (2011), News Feature, "Cell signalling: It's all about the structure:
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Brian Kobilka

AUGUST 19, 2011

How Do Interferons Provoke Distinct Signals through the Same Receptor? Chris Garcia explains how the strength of the receptor-ligand interaction—not receptor conformational changes—tunes signaling duration.      
Read Journal Article: Cell, Volume 146, Issue 4, 621-632, 19 August 2011-
"Structural Linkage between Ligand Discrimination and Receptor Activation by Type I Interferons"
Chris Garcia

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