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Post Office

The post office at Stanford is a branch of the Palo Alto U.S. Postal Service and is located at White Plaza. The hours are 9-5, Monday-Friday. Post Office boxes are available for annual or semi-annual rental, in a variety of sizes. The zip code for post office boxes at the Stanford University branch is 94309. The ZIP code for all other addresses on campus is 94305. The ZIP code for the MCP Department is 94305-5345


The Wells Fargo Bank in Tresidder Memorial Union and the Stanford Federal Credit Union at Tresidder and on Pampas Lane are conveniently located on campus. Automatic Teller Machines for Bank of America, Stanford Federal Credit Union, and Wells Fargo Bank are on the second floor of Tresidder and near the Hospital Emergency entrance.

Tressider Memorial Union

Tresidder Memorial Union is a center of community activity on the Stanford campus. It is located at White Plaza and houses food services; meeting rooms; two pleasant patios; a campus information center; the American Express Travel service; a ticket office for campus and Bay Area events (including BASS); banking services including automatic tellers for Stanford Federal Credit Union and Bank of America, a Wells Fargo branch office with express stops and walk-up windows, an office for account handling and loan applications; Pulse, the University Copy Center; a recreation center offering Stairmasters, stationary bikes, nautilus equipment, free weights; and a hairstyling shop. Tresidder Express carries groceries, magazines and sundries. TMU is also the home of the Associated Students of Stanford University, and Student Organization Services

Bechtel International Center

Staff at the Bechtel International Center provides support not just to international students but also to their spouses and to American students. Informal English classes, English conversation practice and language exchanges are among the many programs and services offered to students and theirs spouses. Counseling on immigration concerns, intercultural adjustment and administrative support for visa processing (in liaison with departments and other campus offices) are also part of the ICenter’s service to international students. The I-Center is also the campus administrative office for awards enabling American students to study and conduct research overseas.

Stanford Bookstore

The Stanford Bookstore, consisting of three branches, was incorporated as a nonprofit cooperative in 1987. The main branch is located at White Plaza. New and used textbooks are shelved by courses under the school or department. Also sold are general books, paperbacks, clothing, souvenirs, stationery, supplies, art prints, and gifts; and there is a photocopying service.


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