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Cellular Physiology

Department Email Lists

Members of the following email lists and anyone with an "" email address can post to these lists.  They are primarily for use within the department but others are welcome to use them where appropriate.

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Short Description List Addresses Full Description Who can update list *
MCP-All Members mcp-allmembers at All members of MCP department Cathy, Schantae, Jzesern
MCP-Beckman mcp-beckman at Only MCP members who are in Beckman Bldg Cathy, Schantae
MCP-All-Plus mcp-all-plus at All MCP members, plus courtesy faculty lab members Cathy, Schantae, Jzesern
MCP-Faculty mcp-faculty at 13 MCP Faculty, plus Elisabeth Cathy, Schantae, Jzesern
MCP Courtesy Faculty mcp-courtesy-faculty at Lowe, Reimer, Heller, Ricci, Huguenard, Sherrer Cathy, Jzesern
MCP-Admins mcp-admins at MCP administrative staff Cathy, Schantae, Jzesern
MCP-Staff mcp-staffmembers at Stanford and HHMI staff in MCP (not students or Postdocs) Cathy, Schantae
MCP Timecard Users mcp-timecard-staff at MCP staff submitting Axess Timecard Cathy, Lisa Martin, Tina Leech
MCP-Lab Managers mcp-labmanagers at Primary LSRA in each lab Cathy
Grad Students mcp-gradstudents at MCP grad students - MCP is Home Department Schantae, Cathy
Grad Students All mcp-gradstudents-all at MCP grad students plus other grad students in MCP labs Schantae, Cathy
Postdocs mcp-postdocs at Postdocs in MCP labs Schantae, Cathy
Garcia mcp-garcia-lab at Chris Garcia's lab members Cathy, Schantae, Ginni, Lauren
Brunger mcp-brunger-lab at Axel Brunger's lab members Cathy, Ginni  & Schantae
Feng mcp-feng-lab at Liang Feng's lab members Cathy, Schantae, Liang, Jzesern
Goodman mcp-goodman-lab at Miriam Goodman's lab members Cathy, Miriam, Schantae, Jzesern
Kobilka mcp-kobilka-lab at Brian Kobilka's lab members Cathy Booth,  Foonsun Thian
Lewis mcp-lewis-lab at Rich Lewis's lab members Cathy, Jzesern, & Schantae
Madison mcp-madison-lab at Dan Madison's lab members Cathy, Dan & Schantae
Maduke mcp-maduke-lab at Merritt Maduke's lab members Cathy, Merritt, Susan, & Schantae
Nachury mcp-nachury-lab at Max Nachury's lab members Cathy, Jzesern, & Max
Nelson nelsonlab at James Nelson's lab members Kathy
O'Brien mcp-obrien-lab at Lucy O'Brien's lab members Cathy, Schantae, Lucy, Judy, Jzesern
Smith mcp-smith-lab at Stephen Smith's lab members Cathy, Schantae, Jzesern
Südhof sudhof-lab at Tom Südhof's lab members Cathy Schantae, Mia Tockey
Weis mcp-weis-lab at Bill Weis's lab members Booth, Weis, Schantae, Denise
*Contact Cathy Booth if you would like to be added as a list owner for your lab.
List owners can update the lists at:

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